Catering Menu
Sandwiches     7.99 choose baklava or cookie for your desert 

all sandwiched wrapped in the pitta with tomato onion and lettuce bread and comes with one side 

Sides (Hummus, Broccoli, Mashed potato)

 Chicken Gyro sandwich
Beef Gyro sandwich 

Chicken Sharma 

Beef Shawarma 

Falafel sandwich ​​​​​​​

 serves about 20 people 
Greek Salad                     $40
Greek salad is made with pieces of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, fata cheese and olives comes with house dressing 

Mediterranean salad      $40
Romaine Lettuce, Beets, Garbanzo Beans, Feta cheese, corn and cucumber topped with House dressing 

Garden Salad                    $35
Lettuce tomato, onion cucumber, chopped green and red pepper comes with Italian dressing

Hummus  12 oz          3.99

Small (Serve 5-10)              14.99

Large (Serve 10-20)     25.00

Falafel                       $ 10 
Comes about 20 pieces with side of tahini sauce 

Dolma                       $ 12
Comes about 15 pieces with side of cucumber sauce 

Chicken Tender           $35.99
20 pieces of chicken tender comes with honey mustard or buffalo sauce 

Kubba          10 pieces             $20
Rice stuffed with seasoned ground beef and deep fried served comes with tahin

Individual Platter 
    served with 2 sides or one side with baklava or cookie
Gyro platter      9.99
Shish Kabob     10.99

Ground Beef cooked on grill served with grilled tomato, vegetable, 

Shish Taouk         10.99 
Traditional Middle Eastern marinated chicken 3 skewers served comes with onion and tomato

Chicken Shawarma   8.99 
Traditional Middle eastern dish, chicken cut in thin slices and grilled with tomato and onion 
 Shish Taouk         20 skewer              $45 

Shish kabob          20 Skewers            $45

Gyro                      5 LB     $ 40

Rice serve 20 people     $40

Chicken Curry or Veggie Curry     serve 20 people         $45

Chicken Biryani or veggie Biryani serve 20 people       $45

Falafel           40 pieces                          $20

Stuffed Grape leaves     30 pieces      $25